What Is A Spin? Well a spin is by definition an un-commanded and stabled flight condition combining roll, yaw and sideslip. In Aces High this condition persists once a pilot has pushed his plane into the stall buffet or beyond the low speed end of the flight envelope. Most times you will find this situation caused by improper control input by the pilot. When a plane enters a stall, the plane will normally begin to roll to one side. There are two main reasons for this. When the plane enters the stall, the torque of the engine may start to roll the plane in the opposite direction of the prop's rotation. This is possible because the wing lift is no longer providing the steadying influence that keeps the engine torque under control. The second reason is that one wing may lose lift before the other. This causes the wing that still has lift to start the plane rolling because the plane has lost lift of the other wing. End result throwing the aircraft into a spin.


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To recover from a spin, the pilot must reduce throttle, and push forward on the stick to get the aircraft in a nose down attitude then apply rudder opposite from the direction of spin rotation. Once the spin slows down and comes to a stop, increase throttle and slowly pull out to level flight when the aircraft is back under control, if you over correct or pull out to soon you may find your aircraft will enter into another spin more abruptly. This is the reason to be gentle and cautious on the first attempt. Inverted spin recovery can be a little more challenging but is possible. On the flat spin / horizontal spin you will find the most challenging and sometimes if not most almost impossible to recover from.