Welcome to the home of the Aces High Training Corps.

The AH Trainers are volunteers who help players learn and improve by answering questions in the Training Arena, providing one-on-one training to those who request it, writing articles on the game and by conducting clinics.

You'll find lots of information here to help you improve in the game. Some of this information is from the AH Help Pages, but most goes in-depth with tips from the trainers and other players.

To schedule time with an Aces High Trainer, please post your request in the Help and Training forum of the Aces High Bulletin Board and someone will contact you - BBS Link

When you post your message, please include this information so we can match you with a trainer:

- your in-game username

- your time zone

- some days and times you're available

- give us an idea of what you'd like help with

*Note that you must register to post on the Bulletin Board. Your Bulletin Board name does not have to be the same as your in-game username..

Good Luck and see you in the air!

The Aces High Trainers

   Big Rat